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Luma Global Care: How to claim

If your claim is less than 10,000 USD

Download Luma mobile application and submit claims online.

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Important Guidelines for Online Claim Submission:

Keep the original receipts for 12 months from the date of claim payment. The insurer reserves the right to request original documents for verification. If the insured fails to provide the original documents upon request, the insurer reserves the right to deny the claim and pursue recovery. 


If your claim is more than 10,000 USD

Original documents are required for Outpatient Claims exceeding 10,000 USD.

You can still make an online submission for claims exceeding 10,000 USD to expedite the review process. However, you are still required to send original documents by post to process the claims.


Required documents:

  • Claims Form filled and signed
  • Original receipt
  • Original medical report/certificate
  • Detailed receipt (statement detail report including the name of medicine and price of each item to be mentioned, if any)
  • Doctor’s prescription (with medical indications for prescription drugs, laboratory tests, physical therapy, eyeglasses, and contact lenses)

If requested, send originals to this address:

Luma, Claims Department

57 Park Ventures Ecoplex
9th Floor, Unit 912 Wireless Road,
Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand