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ACPLaos: How to Add a Family Member (Dependents) to Your Policy

To add a dependent(s), please contact your consultant or customer service at 02 494 3600

  • On the application form, you may choose to extend the benefits of your medical coverage to your chosen eligible Family Member (also known as Dependents). You must clearly state on the application form who is to be covered.
  • You may terminate medical coverage of the Family Member at any time by notifying us, but this cannot be reinstated at a later date without our prior approval.
  • New-born children must be enrolled within 30 days after the date of birth. Please provide a certificate of birth upon request.
  • Changes regarding dependents in medical coverage are effective on the first day of the month after we receive your written notification with the exception of a newborn child, who can be covered from birth as stated above.