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ACPTH: Get a Second Medical Opinion

With Second Medical Opinion, you can consult with another doctor to confirm the diagnosis and find alternative treatment options.

Our experienced in-house medical team of expats and local doctors is here to assist our members with Second Medical Opinion/Advice and they’re always on hand to share their extensive knowledge.

If you’re interested in getting a second medical opinion, fill out the form and our team will be in touch with you.



This is neither a recommendation nor an endorsement of these medical centers, nor of the doctors or health professionals practicing in these hospitals. The decision to go or not to go to these facilities is at the sole discretion of the traveler.

We assume no responsibility in relation to the management of care in the hospitals or medical facilities whose names appear on the following list. Nor does this list serve as an endorsement or guarantee of competence from any of the medical specialists practicing in these locations. We do not accept any liabilities for changes or errors as occurred. In no way are we liable for the consequences that may arise from visiting any of these establishments.