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1. Are my dependents entitled to the same services?

Yes, your dependents enrolled under the plan are entitled to the same services as you.

2. I am not so sure about the diagnosis or treatment suggested to me by my physician or the hospital facility where I need to undergo surgery. How can I get a second medical opinion?

You just need to send an email to help@lumahealth.com or contact 0978 625 5905

3. If I need to go to the emergency department, whom should I contact?

Show your Luma card at the admissions desk of the hospital and ask them to contact our claims department. You will find all telephone numbers to contact us 24/7 on your card. Please note your Luma card is not a guarantee of direct payment, nor proof of insurance. For confirmation that your treatment is covered, please contact us.

4. How do I submit a claim?

You may submit a claim via Luma Care App, Luma Online Service, or by post.

5. Do I need to translate documents into English, French, or Lao for my claim to be processed? No. Our multicultural teams can process claims submitted in any language.

6. How do I know when my claim has been reimbursed?

You will receive an email alert as soon as your claim is reimbursed. You can view your claim activities from Luma Care App and Luma online service.

7. I do not understand the reimbursement that I received/I disagree with the reimbursement. Who should I contact?

Send us an email at help@lumahealth.com or call us at 0978 625 5905

8. Can Luma make a direct payment to a hospital or practitioner?

Yes, Luma can make a direct payment for hospitalization, maternity, or other types of expenses depending on the terms of your plan. You can contact our claims department by phone, fax, or email and give them the name of the hospital or practitioner and their address and phone number. After confirmation of coverage, Luma will then arrange for direct payment of your treatment to be made to the healthcare provider, subject to medical acceptance. 

9. What happens if I did not request prior approval for the treatment that requires one?

You may find that your treatment is not covered under your plan and direct payment to the medical providers may be delayed. Do not hesitate to ask us for prior approval. We will respond within 72 hours of receiving your request. 

10. What is my username and password to access my Luma online account?

Go to the secure member online service area at www.lumahealth.com and register with your member information.

11. How do I change my password?

You can request to change your password via Luma Care App and Luma online service.

12. Can I add more People to the policy?

Yes. You may add:

1. Spouse - must be legally married, in a civil partnership, or permanently living in a similar relationship with the eligible member.

2. Dependent children - including the eligible member’s own children, legally adopted children, step-children, foster children, and any other child who depends on the sole support of the eligible member. Eligible dependent children must also live with the eligible member in a customary parent-child relationship.

Conditions of age for all dependent children:

  • Children under the age of 18 must be unmarried.
  • Children between the age of 18 and 24 must be unmarried, in full-time education, and depend solely upon the eligible member’s expatriate’s support.
  • Newborn children must be enrolled within 25 days after the date of birth.

13. Can I renew my policy?

Yes, all our individual plans guarantee renewability regardless of your age or state of health. For group plans, renewal terms may apply.